Day One

16 hours, a panini, and 2 coffees later – I’ve finally arrived in Nice! I flew Norwegian Air, which is a great option for budget travelers: its cheap, simple (no onboard meal unless purchased – you can just sleep the entire flight), and nicer than most US planes (free onboard wifi, more luggage space, etc.). The flight from Stockholm was beautiful – it was an afternoon flight, and the sun was just starting to set as we flew into the Nice airport.

Nice taxis are very expensive, so your only real options to get from the airport into the city center is either by Uber (15-20€), or the more common one: by bus, which costs 6€.

Almost all of my accommodations for the next two months are Airbnbs. This one in Nice is so quaint – it’s a top-floor apartment with windows on the roofs, so the lighting is beautiful in the morning. There’s a cute kitchen, a living room with comfortable sofas, and a desk/workspace in the back. The owner seems like a cool person – he has literally hundreds of books all over the apartment, every kind of succulent scattered throughout the house, a potato farm in the kitchen, and old vintage posters in the bedroom.

I sleep on the couches instead of the bed, they’re so comfortable

I arrived in the evening, and went out looking for food around 10:30pm. I wasn’t really expecting anything to be open except for a few late night fast food stands, but was surprised to see how LIT it was in Vieux Nice, the old town. Everyone was still up, either eating dinner, or drinking cocktails at the various bars, clubs, and restaurants scattered throughout the streets. It was a nice introduction to the city, and I ended up just getting a slice of DELISH sausage pizza and the infamous passionfruit Fenocchio gelato.

The next day, I woke up at 1pm (lol @ jet lag) and grabbed a light breakfast (pastries and coffee) before grabbing a new SIM card. The prices in France are ridiculous – 2GB of data at 3G/4G speeds for 40€; missing the affordable 1p/mb plans in the UK 😔 .

Heart of Nice

The locals of Nice are so welcoming, at least compared to Paris. I don’t have to ask if they can speak in English – they see that I’m clearly a foreigner, and actively approach me and help me in English.

Streets of Vieux Nice

I wandered back to the Fenocchio gelateria, where they have literally dozens of flavors, including cactus (!!!). I was so thirsty, but instead of drinking at the numerous water fountains, I walked 25 minutes to this place. This time, I tried lemon and lychee; both were amazing.

Afterwards, I wandered along the streets of Vieux Nice. The actual land area of the old town is pretty small, but its jam-packed with hundreds of restaurants, shops, and bars.

Later, I walked along the Promenade des Anglais (name given to the English expats who paid for it back in 1822) and back. I want to stress how remarkable of a feat this is for Annie, I literally walked for 4 hours, 2 hours both way so that I could take some cool pictures. My calves are burning as we speak.

People tanning on the pebble beaches

The French Riviera is a popular destination for Europeans and Americans to vacation, and this is the peak of tourist season. Hundreds of people were on the beaches tanning, from little children with their floaties to groups of old bald men.

Restaurants along the beach

It’s so humid here, I was sticky all day. But the views were worth it. Really jealous of the people in the water, but I left my swimsuit in the apartment.

Eastern end of the Promenade des Anglas



Parasailing was pretty popular
Sun Setting on the Promenade

After I walked back, I climbed the Colline du Chateau (literally going to be so stiff tomorrow), and got to see Nice from above.

Beautifully colorful buildings along the Promenade


Also got to see Port Lympia, which has a great view of the houses on the hills.

Port Lympia

And finally, after a nice seafood dinner, I walked 30 mins back to Fenoccho to get green apple and watermelon gelato. No regrets.

Promenade at night


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