In the two days I was in Bordeaux, it was 95+ degrees, and I could feel my skin peeling off as I walked through streets with no shade. It was really difficult to explore in France’s heat wave, especially since my Airbnb was so far from the city centre, so I didn’t get to see much. The second day I was there, it was 103 degrees, and I didn’t even leave my Airbnb. My inner money-conscious opportunist chastised my laziness and how I wasted money traveling all the way there, but my willingness to survive the heat overpowered it.

Everyone knows Bordeaux is the city of wine, but actually so much more to the region: the city itself is really beautiful, with a rich history. I visited the highly acclaimed Musee d’Aquitaine, which shows the history of pre-historic to modern day Bordeaux. It was actually one of the most interesting museums I’ve been in, and it wasn’t very crowded on Sunday, so I could peacefully browse through the entire museum. Highly recommended!

Trinkets from prehistoric Bordeaux
City Center

I strolled through the old town. The buildings were all so beautiful; all preserved stone buildings from (insert century here; idk I didn’t go on any tours).

I walked to bank of the Garonne River, where tons of townies were hanging out in the blistering heat: laying in the miniature gardens, splashing in the water of Le Miroir d’Eau, or sitting on the benches in the shade of the trees.

Le Miroir d’Eau
Finally found some shade
Even on this hot day, people were laying in the sun.

On day 2 I ate McDonalds and watched Netflix. It was just as great.

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