I’m so behind on my posts! The days have been so exhausting, that all I want to do when I get back is curl in bed. Which is what I want to be doing right now, but here we are 🤷🏻‍♀️

After I met up with my mom and sister in Paris, where we stayed for a few days, we took a train to the beautiful town of Strasbourg, situated along the border between France and Germany. Turns out, my mom had been here before, so she was able to point out the main attractions for us to visit, to make the best use of our time there.

The thing I noticed first when we arrived were the flowers. They’re everywhere! Decorating the railings of bridges, blooming from rooftops, hanging from streetlights – everywhere you look, colorful blossoms adorn the landscape. After weeks of big cities, it was nice to settle down in this picturesque and peaceful little town.

We stayed in Strasbourg for 2 nights, and then took a quick train to Colmar, where we stayed for another night. We weren’t there for long, but it was just enough time to just soak up the ambience of the region.

The Airbnb that we stayed in was in Petite France, the old French portion of the town, which was very central, although the town is small and walkable enough that location doesn’t matter too much.

Every bridge was unique

Other than having the oldest cathedral in Europe, there weren’t very many “landmarks” for us to visit. It was mainly just a beautiful town, and just walking around and taking photos was a joy.

Cafes everywhere

The most important place to visit when in Strasbourg is the cathedral, and it’s the oldest one in Europe. The pictures I took do it no justice – when you see it in person, it’ll literally take your breath away. The architecture is so incredibly intricate, and the building so tall, that you can just stand at its base, looking upwards, for hours. Its such a grand presence, and makes you feel so small. This must be the most memorable church I’ve seen in Europe (and I’ve probably seen over a hundred).

See? Literally every bridge. Beautiful.

On day 2, we stopped by at La Cuiller a Pot for lunch, a restaurant I had found online that had amazing reviews. Highly highly recommended!! The food was seriously amazing. On the pricier side, but it was on the Michelin guide, and considering the quality of the meal, overall a great deal.

Later in the day, we stopped at the famed Patisserie Kubler for some delightful lemon and strawberry tart and chocolate cake.

Patisserie Kubler

On the third day, we made the short 40 min trip to Colmar. This town was a bit smaller than Strasbourg, but even more gorgeous.

Some more stunning bridges.
This place really knows how to take advantage of bridges.

First off, we stopped by the local market, called the Marche Couvert de Colmar. The produce was incredibly fresh, and cheap too! We bought some eggs, sausages, and vegetables and cooked dinner that night instead of going out. It was really refreshing to have a nice home-cooked meal.

Spices in the market

We continued to walk around the town throughout the day, stopping intermittently at gelaterias and gift shops and cafes. No rush, just some lazy touristing.

My sister was a fan of the nougat


Alsace was so beautiful, I highly recommend adding it to your trip if you’re ever in France for an extended period of time! My friend says that during Christmas, it has the largest and most beautiful market in the country, so I’m keen on going sometime during the holidays, once I get the chance.

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