About Me


Hi! I’m Annie, a recently graduate of Cornell University who majored in Computer Science and Economics. In the fall, I’ll be living in Mountain View, CA, working for Facebook as a software engineer!

Back in spring of 2016, I studied abroad at the University of Edinburgh in Edinburgh, Scotland, where the only thing I learned in those 6 months was of my love of traveling.

Now, I use this blog to document all of my travels, discoveries, artwork, and musings, as well as my experiences as a woman in silicon valley.

I love traveling by myself, but frequently have to face my family and friends who question my safety and sanity. But traveling is not dangerous for women, especially if you take the necessary precautions any sane and logical person would when they leave their home. I hope that my blog can help empower other women to set aside the inaccurate preconceptions that they aren’t capable of safely walking along this earth.

Follow me on instagram ~ zhanginatorr and snapchat ~ superkewlasian (I created the account in middle school OK)

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