How to Explore the Amalfi Coast on a Tiny, Tiny Budget

I was the master of surviving on a budget. In June 2017, when I embarked on my giant post-college-graduation-bucket-list trip, I had barely $700 to my name. At one point, I kid you not, I ran out of money - I had 5€ on hand, $7.30 in my bank account (the ATM withdrawal minimum is 20€), [...]

The Calm Before the Storm

Now that the chaos of graduation has subsided, I've finally settled back into old tempos: cat naps in my old bedroom, fresh Connecticut air on my evening walks, trips to the local pizzeria for lunch. In the meantime, I've begun planning out the details of my summer trip, as well as packing up all of my stuff [...]

Copenhagen bc why not

At the University of Edinburgh, there's a week in February called Innovation Week, where there are no classes, giving students a chance to listen to lectures, participate in educational events, etc. that are organized by the university. But everyone just travels/sleeps duh. I wonder if anyone actually showed up to any of the events. I went [...]

Making my own Paris.

Paris is a wonderful city - every time I visit, I'm once again awed by its beautiful and decadent architecture, inspired by Parisians' sense of style, and kid-in-a-candy-store freaking out inside each boulangerie. And this time, it was no different. However, despite all of the city's beauty and the wealth of international travelers that visit, I never exactly [...]